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Would you purchase a horse for several thousand pounds without having it vetted first?

Then why do the same with your horsebox?

We offer a pre-purchase inspection inclusive of mechanics, bodywork, condition of the floor, ramp etc. Safeguard your investment and avoid the possibility of undue expense and disappointment.

We'll come out directly to the vehicle at a place convenient to you and give it a thorough going over.

We carry out our inspections according to a set inspection card covering 90 vital points.

We then give you a full breakdown of what we've found and discuss your options.

For an even more thorough going over, you can always pop the vehicle down to our workshop, where we can put it up on our ramps and fully inspect the underneath with you.

When making a large investment such as a horsebox, you want to be certain that you're getting good value for money and not being saddled with an old dog. By asking Galloway's to carry out a purchase inspection, we help you ensure you're not getting any nasty surprises.


Our mobile mechanics will come out to your prospective vehicle at a time convenient to you. Whether you’re present of not we’ll be there to put your mind at ease.

Pre-Purchase Inspections start at £144.00(incl. VAT). 
01342 892 970